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Special Orders (not including made to measure items)

Any item not found in store and available from the manufacturer can be special ordered. Customers who wish to place a special order will be required to fill out the Special Order Request form. Special orders must be paid for in full or put on layaway at the time of order. 


Returned Check Policy

It is a crime to intentionally write bad checks. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, a Guild and Gentry representative will first reach out to the customer for resolution between 8AM and 9PM the next business day. If contact cannot be made or no mutual resolution established, a certified letter with return receipt and a copy of the check will be mailed to the customer. If payment is still withheld, Guild and Gentry will directly contact the bank holding the checking account and request funds. If funds are still unavailable or the bad check was written intentionally, Guild and Gentry will take the necessary legal steps, including but not limited to prosecution.

Hours of Operation

Guild and Gentry is open from 10AM - 5PM, Tuesday - Friday, 10AM - 4PM on Saturday, or by appointment. Guild and Gentry reserves the right to change these hours at the owners’ discretion.

Gift Registry

Gift wrap is available for an additional $2.00. Any in-store or special order item may be a registry item. Guild and Gentry Groom’s Registry participants will be asked to fill out the Groom’s Registry form, which will be kept on file, and will detail how gifts are to be received by the registrant. Delivery fees apply.


ABSOLUTELY NO CASH DONATIONS will be given to any group at any time. Soliciting is strictly prohibited. The Glory House in Laurel, MS, is the exclusive charitable partner of Guild and Gentry, and has been thoroughly vetted as a registered 501c3. All solicitations for individual financial assistance will be referred to The Glory House.


Hiring Policy

Guild and Gentry is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. To apply for a position with Guild and Gentry, please submit a cover letter and resume with references to [email protected] If a position is available, qualified applicants will be asked to fill out the Guild and Gentry Employment Application and contacted to schedule an in-person interview. Guild and Gentry reserves the right to contact all listed references, view the applicant’s social media profiles, and conduct a thorough background check of any applicant. If an applicant is hired, a starting date and pay rate will be determined by Guild and Gentry.